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My name is Andrea and I’m the owner and photographer of Blue Lace Photography. I’m a natural light photographer and I’m located in the beautiful beach town of Santa Cruz, CA. My main focus in my work is love; couples who are completely head-over-heels, over-the-moon, marrying-your-best-friend, in love. I myself have been married to the love of my life and best friend, Mike, for 9 years and he is the best decision I ever made. I want my couples to feel this way about each other and create beautiful photos for them that show that love.
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Things I love: First meeting hugs, laughing, being a mom, artists and creatives, coffee dates, real smiles, traveling, happy tears, tattoos, awesome dance moves, fashion, music, baking, Jesus, PDA,

Things I don’t love: Bad lighting, running out of coffee creamer, stuffy indoor weddings, giant shot lists, bridezillas, and cats that wont let me pet them.


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